Benjamin A. Mati, MD

Emergency medicine. Urgent care medicine. Procedural medicine. Point-of-care-ultrasound.

The Adult Critical Care and Emergency Drug Reference Card

  • An excellent reference for any medical professional spending time in the ER, ICU and medical/surgical floors
  • Designed for all medical professionals: medical students, residents, attendings, advanced practice providers, nurses and pharmacists
  • Created by a critical care/emergency medicine physician and a critical care pharmacist
  • Designed to cognitively offload critical medication dosing during high stress situations while caring for the acutely ill patient
  • Trifold design sized to fit in pockets of scrubs, button-up shirts or lab coats for immediate access
  • Includes: medications for intubation, sedation, analgesia, anaphylaxis, poisonings, neurological emergencies, psychiatric emergencies, trauma, obstetrics, local anesthetics, arrhythmias, hypertensive emergencies, vasoactive medications and more
  • 4 x 6 inches, laminated, rounded corners, double-sided, hardstock, and trifold design

App version coming later in 2022...

Benjamin Mati, MD

Ventura, CA


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